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Jarod Lanier Worries about Web 2.0

April 9, 2010

And so do I, so I’ve been following with interest the discussion around his new book You Are Not a Gadget. Can you call one of the main architects of virtual reality a Luddite?

Link to the 45 minute NPR On Point Interview with Lanier. In this discussion he keeps trying to separate his enthusiasm for the INternet from his reservations about what he sees as “the hive mind” of some social networking. As a composer and musician, he also is very articulate about the impact of what he describes as an ‘almost religious’ attitude toward free use of content on creative artists and journalists. The ‘wisdom of crowds’ ? Always been scary; still scary. If you’re still worrying about about tag clouds and crowd sourcing, you can listen to Lanier while you do something else.

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