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Journal of Information Architecture

April 5, 2010

As part of my work, I try to go to conferences where I can learn more about information architecture. I’d say it’s part of information science, one of the two aspects that we’re studying in our MLIS. Because I think that becoming an information scientist is a career option for many people in MLIS, I thought I’d share the resource for the Journal of Information Architecture.

At the ASIS&T conference in the Fall, I met the woman who is the editor for this journal. It is an academic, peer reviewed journal. Much of the information on the site can help inform your work in creating websites, intranets, or any kind of information design for public consumption (public meaning other-than-you).

I mentioned to this editor that one reason why I decided to do an MLIS degree was I found it hard to find good information on information architecture that was qualified. Also, I just had a hard time finding resources. She agreed and said good, qualified information on IA was one reason they wanted to start the journal.

And if your profession has a journal, you must be legit!

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  1. rqpdx permalink
    April 6, 2010 4:55 pm

    How nice that part of your job allowed you this exposure to something you are interested in! So would you say that Information Architecture includes all aspects of web design, user experience, web usability?

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