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A.M. McReynolds-My Posterous

March 11, 2010

Screenshot from My Posterous

Posterous is a mobile blogging platform, supporting email with attachments of photos, MP3s, documents, and video (both links and files). Building on their template, I’ve been able to customize my theme; Posterous allows you to customize your site by writing your own HTML/CSS.

As a final project for LIBR 204-03, I will overhaul my site, The Principle of Least Effort, to conform to usability heuristics as well as multiply the number of posts related to social web strategy.

The first post examines my hypothesis that an upswing in referral traffic reflects a paradigm shift in favor of the long tail based on a case study:

Peer-to-peer recommendations via social networks pose to outrank Google’s PageRank.As friends replace inbound links as votes for page authority, a new “Village” paradigm of social search emerges — in which answers arise in conversation between people in your network.

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  1. clementmunns permalink
    April 7, 2010 9:07 pm

    contact me about this as I’m unclear on the work to be done…or more simply, do your site on this topic and display before/after examples on the final project site

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