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Week 6 Synopsis

March 8, 2010

Great stuff this week and the whole class seems to be hitting a stride. Some things to note and make sure your site doesn’t have:

  • week 3 a/ b with no SSI or layout (many guilty here)…I went lenient and only deducted .6 even though each page of SSI is worth .6 (10 pages @ 6 points)…if I noted this in your grading comments, be sure to fix it as it will be the first place I look next week.
  • some students got their layout all out of whack by adding the opening div for the table (to get padding to keep it from running up into the squares) but forgetting the closing div.  The thing to remember about this stuff is that elements always come in pairs and errors flow downhill from top to bottom.
  • lots, and I mean LOTS of students with  rubbish files in the home directory and/or incorrectly named index files ….the only file in your home directory should be index.shtml!
  • skimpy home pages with lorem text or just plain nothing…this is the week to work on this as I basically did everyone’s homework for them
  • loads o’ bad permissions; this requires some explanation:
    • I grade by first looking at everyone’s code via a cool tool I have called jEdit which combines a code editor and an SFTP client, I can open, view, edit and transfer in one action…a lot of times I will want to make comments in the code as I view it, but this week I was stymied by permissions…seems many don’t have 777 for files and directories; I would write a comment and hit save, but get an I/O error (input/output)… very frustrating when mostly I only leave comments when I’m happy…this week happy made me have to take away points  😦

Don’t know how it happened but it seems I’ve attracted my literary kith and kin: a surprising number of J.R.R. Tolkien, R.A.H. and Madeleine L’Engle books in the lists. Wrinkle In Time still scares me today and will give me a chill just thinking about the brain under glass. Heinlein was this young boy’s first literary friend. And Tolkien? Middle Earth was my spiritual home for years.

Lastly, if you are struggling with a tangled thing, contact me for help. Usually it’s easy to fix and I’m happy to help.

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