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Second Life

November 24, 2009

So, I have to say… I’m not a big fan of Second Life. I expected to love it. I loved the Sims, games like Harvest Moon, etc., so I was surprised when Second Life didn’t really appeal to me. The navigation feels clunky, and it actually strikes me as a little creepy. I totally acknowledge that these are just my impressions and opinions, and I do have to say that the sheer magnitude of the “world” is impressive, if not mind-blowing. It actually reminds me of something I ran into at work recently. We have two programs for writing reports from our database. One is very simple and user-friendly, but it doesn’t offer a whole lot of customization – you get pretty standard reports. The other program is very powerful. You can pretty much write any report you could ever want on it, and make it look however you want, but it is very hard to learn, and very difficult to navigate through. Second Life strikes me as similar to the second program. There’s no denying its power for social and professional interaction, with as much customization as you could desire, but it’s not immediately user-friendly. I suppose I just don’t have the desire to invest that much time and energy into it.

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