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My Second Life as Linnea Aquila

November 24, 2009

Overall I had fun playing around in Second Life. For some reason I had expected it to be easy to get the hang of. In reality, I spent most of my time bumbling around and making mistakes (how long did it take me to figure out how to remove the skirt that was over my pants? Oy.). It was definitely neat to explore a virtual world — when I stumbled across the 240 classroom with the cat poster on the wall, it was like finding a reward in a scavenger hunt. I agree with others that said it was somewhat awkward also. While I was waiting for class this evening, a random person walked up to me, told me to follow them, and then asked me if I wanted to dance! How funny that a feeling of awkwardness can carry over into virtual reality, right? Anyway, I found the assignment fun and worthwhile. A nice little aberration from the usual assignments.

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