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Malkah Quintessa revisits Second Life

November 24, 2009

“I’m really a small town girl,” says Malkah, who tentatively ventured into Second Life as part of LIBR 203. She had many adventures. “I accidentally teleported to some land where porn parts were sold, and who knows what else…It took me ages to figure out how to teleport back out again. Later I found some pirate adventure game, and got lost there. Since then I’ve stayed in the safety of the SJSU SLIS campus, where I took a tour with Jeremy Kabumpo, and visited an Abraham Lincoln “historical society” and saw some of the projects of my fellow SLISers.”

“That was all back in 2008, though, and I haven’t gotten around much since then. It was a tough adjustment to jump back in, I felt like I was learning to walk, then fly, all over again. It isn’t like riding a bike, I felt like I had to relearn everything.”


“This fall I toured around a bit on my own on the SLIS campus. I went to office hours with Clement Mesmer, built a glowing, rainbow tower, which if I could keep it somewhere, I would animate, causing it to change colors and float when someone says a magic word–using tips given by Torley Linden, and the handy Script Me tool he directed me to.”

“Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I was supposed to clean up after myself, and someone else returned my tower to me, before I could get back to do it myself. Well that is a lesson learned the hard way–I mean, like, who wants a reputation as a slob in Second Life? On this same trip, I had a mini-adventure. I was walking along a pathway and saw a white board on a rooftop. While it would have been easy to fly up to the roof to check it out, I noticed an object that would teleport me to the second floor. That was pretty sweet. I attempted to interact with the whiteboard to no avail, as there weren’t any active slides to view. Nevertheless, I managed to get stuck. In order to use the whiteboard controls, I gave the object permission to control my actions. This was stupid, because I didn’t know how to regain control. I started to have paranoid fantasies that I would be stuck at this rooftop forever, and then have to explain to someone why I was trespassing on their office rooftop. However, I left Second Life, and when I returned to the office, I had regained control of my actions and was able to fly away, with much relief.”

“After my rooftop adventure, I thought I’d try a little fashion design. Fortunately, I had some lindens that Jeremy Kabumpo had given me, and I was able to create a handpainted shirt, celebrating our LIBR 240 class. To start out, I followed the advice given me by Torley Linden, who showed me the free version of Art Rage! where I was able to work with a mannequin-template to paint my design right on to a light grey shirt. I am really happy with my design.”

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