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Lynn’s SL Experience

November 24, 2009

Like some of my fellow classmates, I really thought SL would be difficult, and a pointless assignment. Well, I was wrong! I followed Derek’s suggestion about logging in early. The next thing I knew, an hour and half went by! In the end, I spent 2 hours in SL. I was amazed by how user friendly the software was. I even managed to make the t-shirt for the assignment. Meeting everyone in SL was almost as good as meeting in person. As a social tool, I can see the value of SL. On Sunday while trying to make my t-shirt, I ran into Derek and had a nice chat with him. This is not something that would normally happen because of the online format of our class. Experimenting with building objects and special effects was really fun. Unfortunately, I had some problems linking prims and ended up with multiple boxes that actually “boxed in” my avatar! Playing with camera angles was also interesting. That really isn’t a major part of SL, but I had fun trying to get just the right view.

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