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My Second Life as LinnLee Silversmith

November 23, 2009

For LIBR 203, I did the tutorial and the quiz.  So the Week 14 Assignment was my first experience on Second Life.  I have played World of Warcraft (for about a month, before I got bored with killing things), so the concept of doing stuff in a virtual world wasn’t totally foreign to me.  Just like with WOW, I’m amazed at how big it is and all of the things you can see and do!  But I have to say I found using Second Life surprisingly difficult, even after I did the tutorial on Help Island.  So I was really glad to be part of a group at the Wednesday session, and see I wasn’t the only one having problems.

Some things were easy: like getting to the first location, the IM/chat, and making my avatar move/sit/stand (sorry if I bumped into you in all the excitement).  Some things took practice: like flying (sorry if I landed on you!), and taking pictures (I found myself camera happy, just like in real life).  Some things were hard: like building (I ended up with two barrels), and using the map/moving to the next location.  And some things looked easy, but weren’t!!  Maybe I could figure out the voice chat and changing my appearance, if I try again and have more patience?  And I wonder how I missed the note cards, everyone is talking about?

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