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A Second Look at Second Life

November 22, 2009

I too first encountered Second Life in LIBR 203. I concluded then that SL was either (a) a great cultural/technological innovation (b) the mother-of-all-time-sinks (c) a great way to meet new people, exchange ideas, be creative or (d) a sort of creepy, geeky, voyeuristic, nether region in cyberspace. I still haven’t made up my mind.

A few more observations: Parts of the SJSU SLIS area look like a poorly laid out suburban subdivision, circa 1955. There’s hardly any cohesive architectural or aesthetic unity to the place. And like a badly designed web page, it is cluttered with visual pollution, oddly placed items, signs with too many font sizes/styles and ugly color combinations. And while there’s a lot of fun stuff to do – first you have t find it. Only through a process of serendipity and lots of flying and walking was I able to find some cool things. Someone needs to make a better map/index/catalog of the place!

I had a lot of fun in the SJSU “sandbox” rezzing prims and building stuff. I had watched a number of the annoyingly wonderful tutorials by Torley Linden and tried a few things.

In about 30 minutes I created a small scale replica of the Library of Congress (with a floating text label) , that when “touched” enables the toucher to see and use the LOC website that pops up in a small window. To accomplish this I wrote two little programs (“scripts”as they are called) and associated them with my building. A lot of fun. Wish I had more time to experiment!

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