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Miranda’s Take on SL

November 22, 2009

My ever-first exposure to Second Life (SL) was when I had assignments from Libr 203. I liked it then, and I really enjoyed it this time around! I find the technology and design of it to be fun and fascinating. I learned to do more things in SL now such as taking snapshots, navigating, building things, making clothes, flying, and even dancing! There is the script function that I wanted to learn more about. I actually got to meet some really nice people in SL. I met this SJSU SLIS student who was gracious to teleport me to different libraries in SL! (I am still not comfortable at spending her $50Linden.) Other than it simply being a social networking tool, SL is definitely an exciting, interactive way for one to disseminate and acquire information. One could even argue that SL can be used as a tool to “advocate for intellectual freedom in the realms of free software and private thinking” (Derek, 2009, Week14 iFreedom Lecture). That is, one does not need to pay to gain access to SL, one does not need to pay to get free information and materials in SL, and one does not need to reveal one’s true identity.

SL is definitely not for everyone. It might not even be right at a particular moment in time for someone who is fond of it. I liked to explore SL right after my Libr 203, but due to time constraint in my RL, I had to put it aside. In sum, LIS professionals may see Second Life as the latest and coolest way to share information anonymously.

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