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Tasha’s Second Life Experience

November 21, 2009

My experience this past week inside Second Life was pretty good. I already had an avatar from LIBR 203, which I had also used in Jeremy Kemp’s Immersive Environments class. So, I am not an absolute beginner at building, or getting dressed, etc., though I still have my fair share of frustration in accidentally making myself bald, for example. One of our classmates mentioned being at a disadvantage due to not playing a lot of video games. My response was that it is my opinion that gaming experience doesn’t help at all in SL! I’ve played a lot of games, and none prepared me for dealing with the camera controls, building, scripting, or just getting your body to go where you are trying to get it. Video games are much easier! For this week’s assignment, I selected a tutorial from the Events listing on making sculpted prims. This worked out well and it really was easy; I made a mushroom, which was suggested by the tutorial.  I’ve thought it would be great to work for Linden Labs, so maybe I’ll continue learning and see what happens.  🙂

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