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Alejandra’s SL experience

November 20, 2009

This was my first experience in SL. In my 203 class, we had the option of creating an avatar or pick the second option (I forget what the second option was) to fulfill an assignment. Creating an avatar was a bit intimidating so I fulfilled the assignment with the latter option. So when we had to build an avatar for this class, I was a bit hesitant. Though, once I signed up and created my avatar name, it didn’t seem so bad. My Internet connection must have not been as fast as I wanted it to be, so it took a while for my avatar to comprehend with the changes I was trying to make with my avatar. Once I conquered that mission, it was fun to really explore all the different things my avatar could do! I liked that I had the ability to fly, move, jump, and add my creation to the different locations I poked through. Surprisingly, I was able to figure a lot of different tools and skills on my own and it encouraged me to try out new things after our meeting. Overall, I’m really glad I was pushed into creating an avatar and having the ability to explore this side of the SLIS program.

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