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Veronica’s SL experience

November 19, 2009

Second Life is very interesting. At first, it is hard to walk or even figure out where you are standing. Once all of the buttons have been figured out and the icons on the screen deciphered it can be quite fun. In the past, when I went to SL I felt very lost and frustrated like some of my colleagues felt at our first meeting, but this time I was more confident. The previous night I went into SL to change my appearance—one of the hardest things to accomplish. I was so glad when I figured out how to remove the half skirt on top of my pants. Over all my experience at SL was great. I learned how to build, move, and edit prisms. While at SL I built two objects, one was a simple box and the second was a bright, colorful object that I learned to fly on. I had a good time watching others build objects and change their appearances. One of the funniest things to see is when avatars bump into each other, it seems like they are being tackled. I controlled my avatar as much as I could to avoid that.

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  1. Mayumi Miyaoka permalink
    November 20, 2009 10:41 am

    Oh, it was you flying around on a shiny object! good for you : ) All I built was a big pyramid floating in the air…

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