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Week 7 Synopsis

October 12, 2009

Nice work from the class this week.  Some observations:

  • to make the form “fit” in your layout, you have to make the widest form element narrow enough to fit in the column; form elements are like absolute positioning–they have a size that is determined by the size=”some_number” attribute and you have to change that to make them smaller, no amount of CSS will affect this property;
  • the “nav” column should only have a single link to your assignments index page and on that page you should list all the assignments; there’s no need to have links to every assignment on every page–that real estate is going to be used by other things like the widgets;
  • if you have a class definition for CSS in your code, but no CSS to go with it, that is wrong; an example: many students are using the class=”usable” from Rod’s example but have no CSS to match the class definition, which for Rod makes that link  [top] stand out as the way back to the top of the page on every page and is different than links to internal/external pages;
  • usability: I look for usability every week (clickable banner, persistent links, a homepage that gives me real information, etc.) as the course progresses I should see every single student’s site improve on all fronts: code, validity, style, usability, functionality;
  • to reiterate: if I go out of my way to make suggestions about your site in the homework comments, it would be smart to make those adjustments or ask how if the suggestion is unclear; I spend a lot of time each week in order to give meaningful feedback to students so the work can improve; don’t make me feel like I’m wasting my time.  😉

Please pay attention to the emails about validity as we progress through the embedded code sections of the course; I will look for validity where it is possible to achieve, keep this in mind.

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