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Grading Synopsis: week 6

October 8, 2009

Good stuff this week. The class is coming along nicely and individual student sites are taking shape.

The only real quibble is with the presence of non-working links to as yet undone homework assignments, or no link to the current assignment. In the case of the former, I will begin to deduct points for presenting a link to future homework which leads me the “oops page not found” error. In the case of the latter, if I go to your home page and can find no way to your current week’s assignment, this is also not good and cause for deductions in the future.

Remember: I am your prototypical user who finds all sorts of way to locate deficiencies in your site. If your user is so kind as to point out these areas for improvement, respect the feedback and make those small improvements. 🙂

Lastly, lots of inquiries about the final project. I will respond to each blog post within the next few days via a comment to the student’s original post. However, I will only elaborate on the final project when it comes time to do so, not before. The final is a test; students can assume anything required for weekly homework assignments will be part of the final requirements. This is why it is important to fix/amend/learn anything that was amiss in these assignments. If this last bit applies, see me for extra help. I’ve met in Elluminate with several students already and it has been helpful.

That said, the student who does the weekly work will have no problem doing well on the final.

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