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My Final Project Idea

October 5, 2009

Hi everyone. It’s tough choosing a final project idea when there are so many interesting aspects to the LIS program. Since I would like to focus on academic libraries, I want to focus my final project on some aspect of the academic library.

I read an article for a current class that discusses ways to promote library services to their students and faculty. Since many students aren’t aware of these free resources, they are often unused. Many believe that the faculty could bring in a lot of students by endorsing the library’s resources as well as use it themselves. The problem is that many faculty members don’t make time to learn about these resources.

Therefore, I would like to compile a website for faculty, and possibly students, on how-to’s with different library programs/resources/etc. I could make a page for distance education professors and students, a page for those who are still learning about the internet, and a page for just plain research techniques.

I know this is a lot, but I will try to compact my ideas a little more!

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  1. lduncan permalink
    October 6, 2009 12:07 am

    I think a series of how-to’s is a great idea. Sometimes, students and faculty both get outright lost on how to use websites, let alone complex resources like databases. Something with plenty of images or even (although this is probably way beyond what you want to do in the course) a short video displaying how a particular resource is used. It’s interesting to me that sometimes library/information science has a lot in common with technical writing – much of what we do is verbal and face to face, but we have to cover situations when we can’t be present, even virtually. I especially like the idea of categories for different groups, even kinds of “basic” and “advanced” pages.

  2. jwardlow permalink
    October 6, 2009 2:54 am

    I definitely concur on the need for promotion/marketing by academic libraries. No one’s going to use those services if they don’t know they’re there! You could even take a different angle on the subject and create a website for academic librarians with ideas and resources that they can use to promote services in their own libraries- things like using social networking to connect with students, etc. Just a thought!

  3. clementmunns permalink
    October 8, 2009 3:58 pm


    Great stuff. Consider it approved. Believe it or not, the problem exists all the way down to the pre-school level; promoting library services is big thing and the Net is a great way to connect stakeholders.


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