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Grading Synopsis: week 2

September 4, 2009

I’ve finished grading the week 2 work, and overall it was really good stuff! Lots of good humor from students and lots of instances of “reaching” for more than what is asked for by the assignment. I like both of those things.

Some issues need to be addressed, though; in no particular order…

  • deprecated elements are noted as such in the text where they are introduced (usually at the bottom of the section where Castro gives “tips & tricks”);
  • the only deprecated element allowed is the target=” ” attribute of the <a> element (by my standards, which is the standard you are working toward, trying to find “ways to get the text editor to do it for you” is not “hand-made” in any sense of the term);
  • by now you must realize I’m not really interested in the content of your work, but in your ability to do certain things that “contain” that content;
  • directory naming conventions should always be in lowercase and have no spaces (this is an old UNIX thing) but it helps me automate the grading process, in some cases I renamed folders in your home directory to reflect this convention, in other cases I added a “graded” directory in order to segregate your completed work, this may mean you have to amend the HREF content of some of your links;
  • be sure you submit a “working link” to your homework, there were quite few incomplete or just plain bad links to the homework, making me hunt around to see your stuff is not conducive to your grade 🙂
  • properly indented code looks like a “sideways” pyramid where the top points to the right, you can use spaces or tabs, but try to make all the levels even, remember I will look at the same 33 assignments each week and that if you make the  code “obvious” it makes my job easier,  the “work” I want to see is the code surrounding what shows up when normal people look at it, in other words, what’s not normally seen.

This weekend is a long one and I hope you all enjoy yourselves. The assignment for this week is not due until Wednesday at 1 second before midnight.

Also, I will be in Vermont the following weekend and out of touch (no electricity where I’m going and no cell coverage) so the week 4 assignment will be due on the Thurday evening. You can see all due dates by checking the calendar tab on the course site.

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  1. Jen Lorenzen permalink
    September 5, 2009 9:52 pm

    A question about your last note: When you talk about making the code look like a “sideways pyramid,” do you mean up until and including the elements? Should we also indent the in-line elements, like ?


  2. Jen Lorenzen permalink
    September 5, 2009 9:56 pm

    Oops, it seems you’re not allowed to type code in these messages… My question was: When you talk about making the code look like a “sideways pyramid,” do you mean up to and including the paragraph elements? Should we also indent the inline elements, like the “a href” element?

    • clementmunns permalink
      September 6, 2009 4:27 am

      No, inline elements are just that, “part of” their parent elements. They stick out in regular text. The whole point of this is to make my life easier, get you in the habit of writing readable code, and to impart to you the notion of “seeing code” rather than the product of the code.

      Perhaps your whole school life has been devoted to the pursuit of creating the “right” content (right answers, right questions, right theory); for the most part, this work is about framing someone else’s content. It’s a different POV and not “natural” or customary to think all about gallon milk jug made of plastic rather than the milk it packages.

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