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December 14, 2012


Dont forget to submit final project link in course site

December 10, 2012

Don’t forget! Tonight at midnight!

just for us an xkcd xmas present

December 7, 2012

Have a great December

December 6, 2012

Hi everyone

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed learning web design/markup/coding with everyone this semester. I personally can say that I learned a lot, I bet every  one did and so that is good. Derek thanks for the great instruction in web work and good luck with the Drupal class next semester. I’m pretty sure that is what you said you are going to be teaching.  Well have a good December everyone.



December 6, 2012

There’s a place on the “grades” page of the course site for us to submit something regarding SOTES. As we will be completing SOTES in My SJSU, what would you like us to submit here?

Multimedia Accessibility

December 3, 2012

Edit: Sorry for people who got this in their RSS readers as a blank post. I wrote a whole post… I just don’t know what happened to it. Perhaps something to do with the fact that WordPress is snowing? Anyhow, here’s a somewhat abbreviated version of what I said:

As I’m looking for a good YouTube video to add to my final project, I’m discovering that the interactive transcripts and closed captions are really terrible. What is our obligation to provide accurate transcripts if we embed these videos on our sites? I’m asking both in terms of the final project, and in terms of just general good practices.

Final Project Javascript

December 2, 2012

For our final project, are we allowed to use the Javascript code you created or do we have to create our own?

-Sarah Cook